Katwalk pays it forward

Katwalk Katerers pride ourselves in giving back to the community and those in need. It is not only about the runway and taking great photos and training programs but being able to be humble and helpful to those in need.

Katwalk Katerers joined up with Aids Walk New York this year May 2011 for Aids Walk. We were out in the pouring rain giving out snacks and water to the walkers who participated in Aids Walk. It was an amazing feeling to be there and know that we were helping in making a difference in a person life who has Aids/HIV.

We are very blessed to be healthy on our team and we thank God everyday for being able to wake up in the morning as well as the gift of sight, smell, taste and touch. Not everyone is this world is this fortunate. We will continue to give back to our community with our upcoming fundraising events and charity work in 2012. Here are a few pictures of Aids Walks 2011.





By Katwalk Katerers

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