About KatWalk Katerers, LLC

Katwalk Katerers, LLC was created and Co-Founded by Dennis and Dhylles Davis. Dhylles who is a plus sized model and has been in the industry for three years off and on decided it was time for a change. I wanted to make an organization and environment for potential models who are interested in modeling but are not confident in their size, shape or look.

Katwalk Katerers is the first of its kind that sets a platform for individuals to be creative and practice their craft/talents with personal development and coaching skills taught by the Co-Founders. We allow individuals to find out  who they are and what they really want to do in the Modeling Industry or any other industry. We give them the proper training and tools to become successful in anything they will do and make a name for themselves. That is our purpose.

Katwalk Katerers, LLC A Special Events Coordinating Company. We specialize in Coordinating Fashion Shows, Networking Mixers, Various Seminars, Model Training Programs, Fundraisers/Charity Events and much more.

Contact for upcoming Events and more information about our services:







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