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By Katwalk Katerers

Katwalk Katerers Re-Launch!!

Katwalk Katerers is already making moves for 2012. Our Re-Launch Party will be on Tuesday April 17th 6-10pm at Taj Lounge NYC. We are excited about what is to come in 2012. We are making so many different changes within the organization.

Our slogan and mission is “Changing Lives One Runway At A Time”

It feels amazing when our guest come to our shows and they feel special and important. We like to make sure that our guest know how important and special they are to us. We like to have audience participation and have our guest strut their stuff on the runway. It is a traditional thing that was started in 2012 for Katwalk Katerers. Along with this tradition we will still give gift bags and provide food and beverages for our guest. We feel our guest can be anywhere spending their time and money and they choose to spend it with us and that speaks volumes about the kind of company we are.

We will be working with the designing high schools and colleges to assist their students who have not graduated from school and need a platform to gain experience and exposure to add to their resume as they come out of school.  It is in Katwalk Katerers heart and spirit to give back to the community, society and the world. It starts with us to continue to do what we can to save our younger generation. It is up to us to help motivate them and keep them encouraged and uplifted or else they will stray away to the negative forces of the world.

Katwalk Katerers will also be creating A Model Training Program for potential models to learn everything needed to find their place in the industry. We welcome potential models of all shapes, heights, sizes, genders and nationalities. Even those who are not looking to model but to build up self esteem we also welcome.  Our Model Training Program will require a fee that can be payed in installments depending on how many weeks the training program will be.

Katwalk Katerers will begin coordinating fashion orientated events for organizations and companies of other industries besides the fashion industry that would like to put on a fashion show, casting calls, venue search,networking event, expo, seminar and/or fundraising event but have no clue where to start. We will do all the hard work for them and save them stress and aggravation.

We currently updated our website with all the new information. To check out our services and fees go to



By Katwalk Katerers

Katwalk pays it forward

Katwalk Katerers pride ourselves in giving back to the community and those in need. It is not only about the runway and taking great photos and training programs but being able to be humble and helpful to those in need.

Katwalk Katerers joined up with Aids Walk New York this year May 2011 for Aids Walk. We were out in the pouring rain giving out snacks and water to the walkers who participated in Aids Walk. It was an amazing feeling to be there and know that we were helping in making a difference in a person life who has Aids/HIV.

We are very blessed to be healthy on our team and we thank God everyday for being able to wake up in the morning as well as the gift of sight, smell, taste and touch. Not everyone is this world is this fortunate. We will continue to give back to our community with our upcoming fundraising events and charity work in 2012. Here are a few pictures of Aids Walks 2011.





By Katwalk Katerers

Executive Team

Katwalk Katerers consist of an amazing team of hard working, dedicated, loyal, talented and creative group of people. Our Executive Team has so much to offer to the company and are brilliant at what they do.

  Andrene Williams: I am Plus Model/Founder/CEO of a non-profit organization called Ladydoves Self Enrichment Organization. We are a organization whose goal is to obtain scholarships, provide means for children to attend summer camps, provide after-school programs and assist young adults with job preparedness skills. We are a small group with big goals and plenty of faith. We are dedicated to our goal in building a strong foundation for our future generation.  CEO of Assistant Services ( Whether you want to start a new business or need help managing the one you have, call GEVAS. We are your Virtual Assistant Service Center. We can manage your contact list, maintain your calendar, set up conferences, travel arrangements, event planning, handle client inquiries, prepare email correspondence, special projects, marketing, Personal Assistant etc.

 Tiffany Floyd: Legal Trainee/Model. Tiffany is currently obtaining her Master’s Degree in Law.  She is a professional of proof reading and word proof of legal documentations. She assist Katwalk Katerers in all our legal needs. She is also one of Katwalk Katerers most prestigious models and bad on the runway!

  Carla Wright: Model/Runway Coach. Carla has graced runways working with designers such as Fubu, Phat Farm and Moshood. She is an amazing runway model as well as runway coach. With her positive,  geniune coaching and training  spirit,  Carla will be assisting  aspiring female models how to command the runway in a respectful and authentic way.

  Harold Waight: Model/Photographer/Male Runway Coach. Harold is an amazing male model who has worked with celebrities such as Anchal from America’s Next Top Model to a fabulous and artistic photographer who has worked with Bow Wow and other celebrities. He has an eye for beauty and images that no one else is able to capture behind a lens. He has coached and  trained aspiring male models in Miami as well as will be training Male Models for Katwalk Katerers.

  Shalaine Sumpter: Vice President of Katwalk Katerers. Shalaine has obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Event Planning and Hospitality. She is impeccable organization and attention to detail skills. She has assisted Katwalk Katerers in Venue Location Search, Vendors, Marketing and Promotional Material and much more.

 Jeffrey Castillo: Director of  Networking and Promotions. Jeffrey is a first year college attendee majoring in Business Management. He is one of the newest members of Katwalk Katerers. He is clever and inventive in his creativity where promoting and networking for Katwalk Katerers is concerned. We cannot wait to see what Jeffrey is capable of doing in his time with us.

  DJ Muy Fiya: Permanent DJ for Katwalk Katerers. DJ Muy Fiya has a style of his own where he reaches all genres and cultures through his music selections. He has dj’ed for all walks of life that request him on a yearly basis.  There is never a dull party when DJ Muh Fiya is on the job. He is funny, intuitive and refreshing. Katwalk Katerers recommends DJ Muh Fiya to anyone and everyone interested in hiring an well rounded DJ. or

 P Crawford Swinton: Hostess, Branding & Catering for Katwalk Katerers. Professional Catering and Designing is her craft. She is famous for her chicken Mesquite Skewers as well as Swedish Meatballs. Her passion is to cater to her client’s desires and make sure that they get the very best of food services she has to offer. Crawford is very organized in all she does and puts her heart and passion into catering.

 Dane Smith: Graphics Professional for Katwalk Katerers. Dane Smith has obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Animation and Cartooning. He is talented in creating reels, logos, flyers, business cards, banners and much more. His passion is definitely animation which he will one day be a part of the Pixar or Disney Alumni.

Our Executive will be bringing all new ideas for the upcoming year of 2012. Stay tuned to see what will be taking place. Katwalk Katerers 9 Lives Transformation Events coming soon!!

By Katwalk Katerers

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More  Reviews and Event Postings to come!

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Katwalk Katerers, LLC is a Special Events Coordinating Company. We specialize in coordinating fashion shows, model training programs, various seminars, fundraising/charity events and much more.


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Katwalk Katerers The 9 Lives Events Koming soon!! Stay Tuned and Keep reading our blogs as we posted them on a regular basis!

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Katwalk Korner!!

Katwalk Katerers, LLC A Special Events coordinating company that specializes in coordinating fashion show, various seminars, model training programs, fundraisers/charity events and much more.

Katwalk Katerers was created in March 2010 by Co-Founders Dennis and Dhylles Davis. We wanted to create an organization that caters to women of all shapes and sizes who are interested in the modeling field but were not given an opportunity to practice the craft due to industry discrimination. We are on a quest of helping these women young and old find their niche in life be it modeling or not.

We have created a Training Program that is open to anyone and everyone looking to become a model or simply for personal development skills that will enable them to become better within themselves and realize their full confidence, self esteem and  potential to live their dreams.

Our Fashion shows are catered to all ages and sizes. We encourage families to come out and support the youth that participate in our shows especially with the way our future generation are behaving and the direction they are heading. Family and Unity is very important to us. We assist up and coming designers of clothing, jewelry, hand bags, make up, hair, shoes and etc. We give them a platform to advertise the business in order to gain clientelle.

Katwalk Katerers are very big in giving back to the community and paying it forward. We believe that it is important to make a difference in someone’s life to help them change for the better in whatever situation they may be.  We have coordinated fundraising events and have contributed financially to various non profit organizations. Our belief is that God blesses us everyday in our lives and it does not hurt in any way to bless someone else!

We will also continue to coordinate various seminars as we did this year March 2010 with our Becoming A Better You, Depression and Self Evolvement Seminar. The purpose of these seminars are to help people in all aspects of life where they realize they are not alone in this world going through trials and tribulations. We want our guest to know that they will survive and come out stronger and life is beautiful.

2012 looks very bright for us at Katwalk Katerers and we welcome you to join us on our journey. Continue to check out our blogs and all of the events we have coming up in the new year!

By Katwalk Katerers